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International Sales Inquiries

Manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility, Rostra sells its products worldwide from its headquarters in North Carolina. For more information, or to contact our international sales management, click here.

250-8950 Dual Channel DashCam System

Rostra Accessories is pleased to announce the availability of an all-new, dual-channel event recording system. Available for immediate shipment, part number 250-8950 is Rostra’s most advanced in-vehicle video recording system to date and includes a discretely-mountable control module, two high-definition front and rear-facing cameras, GPS antenna for tracking route and speed, interior-mountable microphone for recording in-cab audio, as well as a 16GB micro SD card and USB SD card reader to get you up-and-running right out of the box. Click here to learn more...

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About Rostra

Rostra is a leading manufacturer of automotive comfort, safety, and convenience accessories including electronic cruise control systems, LED lighting, exterior vehicle camera systems, automotive lumbar supports and seat heaters, add-on navigation systems, driver alert systems, and so much more!

Rostra is an ISO 9001 and TS 16949 Certified company backed by nearly 150 years experience in precision manufacturing. As a result of these years of experience and research, we are continuing to lead the way with the development of new, innovative solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow.