Somewhere in the world, a car dealership is selling a brand new vehicle as you read this. This vehicle may not have all of the accessories that the customer wants and may be headed to your shop next for the installation of ComfortHeat seat heaters, a RearSight backup camera system, DashCam system for recording on-road driving or myriad other aftermarket add-ons and you'll be tasked with locating a stable 12-volt power supply on a vehicle you have never seen before.

SourcePWR® saves 12-volt installers an incredible amount of time when it comes to locating a reliable supply of power for their add-on accessories. SourcePWR® simplifies the installation of these accessories by requiring installers to simply connect two wires to the vehicle (Yellow and Black directly to the battery) in order to provide a stable 12-volt power supply via the Red wire.

SourcePWR® is an intelligent device and can automatically detect when your vehicle's engine is on in order to supply power to your connected accessories. SourcePWR® automatically powers down these accessories when the engine turns off and enters a sleep mode so that no power is drawn from the battery. While SourcePWR® connects directly to your vehicle's battery, it provides installers with a way of isolating the installation of their accessories from other more sensitive electronics.

SourcePWR® provides amazing functionality in a package that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. With its small size, SourcePWR® can be connected and then discretely hidden away. Even with this small size, SourcePWR® provides a 7.5 Amp output to power accessories such as backup cameras, seat heaters, LED lighting and more!

While SourcePWR® is perfectly suited for automotive use, its applications are limitless. The SourcePWR® device is especially useful in situations where an installer has been tasked with adding an accessory component to a non-traditional vehicle and may not be particularly familiar with its electrical system. Such vehicles include heavy construction machinery (lighting and camera systems), watercraft such as boats (audio equipment), motorcycles (seat heaters and communication equipment) and more.

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