Universal Cruise Control System by Rostra

Set your speed at the touch of a button! Once selected, a Global Cruise ® cruise control system constantly measures changes in engine loading and vehicle speed in order to maintain a set speed on the highway. Easily set the controls and avoid unintended speeding. To slow down or accelerate, you don't even have to touch the pedal. While column-mounted stalk control switches are available, dashboard or steering wheel-mounted wireless RF switches provide same functionality wherever it's most convenient!

Multiple control switch options!

Rostra's cruise control switches have been designed with the highest level of quality and have been tested and validated for use with the 250-1223 universal cruise control system. Please note that we do not recommend using any other brand of cruise control switch with a Rostra Global Cruise system as doing so may result in unintended cruise control operation, and invalidates any warranty provided with your cruise control system.

Rostra Cruise Controls are manufactured in the U.S.A. by the company that pioneered the development of cruise control technology.

Product Features

Designed to work with any vehicle incorporating the use of a mechanically-operated throttle, a Rostra Universal Cruise offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to adding a cruise control system to your vehicle. Whether you're restoring a classic hot-rod, prepping the family minivan for holiday traveling or looking to save on the cost of fuel for your motorhome, a universal cruise control from Rostra is the only way to go!

* Rostra Global Cruise will not accept input from a tachometer to provide a vehicle speed signal.

Selecting Global Cruise Components for Installation

The Rostra Global Cruise universal cruise control system is designed to adapt to almost all automobiles that use a mechanically-operated throttle control system where an accelerator cable is present. Please use the Vehicle Search at the top of this page to find your specific vehicle listing, or use the guidelines below to select a cruise control system for your hot rod or street car custom vehicle build.

Step 1: Global Cruise Selection
Part Number: 250-1223

Part number 250-1223 (photos below) includes the universal Global Cruise servo motor, throttle cable, universal mounting brackets, wiring harness and hardware package for making electrical and throttle control connections. The servo motor mounts in the vehicle's engine bay.

Step 2: Control Switch Selection
Part Number: Various

At Rostra, we currently offer 15 different control switch options for engaging the Global Cruise system while driving. Click here to select a universal or specific control switch for your vehicle. Any cruise control switch from Rostra will adapt to the Global Cruise system.

Step 3: Providing Vehicle Speed Signal
Part Number: Various

The Global Cruise system can adapt to pre-existing VSS input signals between 2,000 and 38,600 Pulses Per Mile (PPM). We also offer the 250-4165 magnetic VSS generator for speedometer cable-equipped vehicles, and the inline 250-4160 for early General Motors transmissions.

Step 4: Speed Signal Divider
Part Number: Various

While many vehicles provide an electronic vehicle speed signal that the Global Cruise system can use to determine highway speed, in some instances this signal is out of range and needs to be reduced to be safely interpreted. In cases such as this, Rostra offers part numbers 250-4369 and 250-4379 to reduce the onboard VSS by 50% and 75%, respectively. Once the out-of-range signal has been reduced, the built-in programming switches on the cruise control servo can be dialed-in for the appropriate speed setting and smooth highway driving.

Step 5: Clutch Disengagement Switch
Part Number: 250-4206 (M/T Only)

Modern vehicles that are equipped with a manual transmission generally include a clutch disengagement switch to provide a neutral safety signal to the vehicle's onboard computer, or provide a usable tachometer signal to detect excessive engine revs. Installation forms 4428 and 4429 can help determine if these signals are presently available on your vehicle. The Global Cruise system can adapt to these devices to disengage itself when the clutch pedal is depressed, or Rostra's 250-4206 can be installed to provide this important safety feature when no NSS information is available.

Step 6: Brake Pedal Signals
Part Number: 250-4382

While the included primary wiring harness of the Global Cruise system includes wire leads meant to be attached to both the 'hot' and 'cold' sides of the brake pedal sensor to disengage the cruise control when the brake pedal is depressed, the proper ground signal is no longer present when a vehicle has been outfitted with LED lighting accessories such as LED brake lights. In a case like this, a 5-prong automotive relay must be used to provide the ground signal to cancel the cruise control once engaged. This relay and component wiring harness are available as part number 250-4382.

Step 7: Purchasing a Global Cruise System

Global Cruise universal cruise control systems and associated adapters are sold through authorized product distributors throughout The United States and Canada, as well as through select international distributors in countries around the world. For purchasing information, or to locate a local retailer or installation facility, please contact us online or call our customer service department by dialing (800) 782-3379, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. To learn more about Rostra Precision Controls and our cruise control manufacturing facilities located in Laurinburg, NC, please click here.

Global Cruise Photos and Installation Instructions


Universal cruise control 250-1223 by Rostra

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Installation Manuals

1996-2009 Vehicle Technical Information Guide for Cruise Control Applications 1986-1995 Vehicle Technical Information Guide for Cruise Control Applications

Universal Aftermarket Cruise Control Service Parts


Global Cruise Hardware

Rostra 250-2214 Global Cruise Mounting Hardware

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Cruise Control Module

Rostra 250-2316 Global Cruise Control Module

Click image to enlarge...


Cruise Harness Assembly

Rostra 250-2317 Global Cruise Wire Harness Assembly

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43" Cruise Cable Assembly

250-3607 43-inch Cruise Cable Assembly

Click image to enlarge...


Cable Bracket Assembly

Rostra 250-3700 Cable Bracket Assembly

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Global Cruise Accessories and Service Parts


Replacement Magnets, 10-pack

Rostra 250-3093 Replacement Magnets, 10-pack

Click image to enlarge...


Magnet Package with Tie Strap

Rostra 250-3096 Magnet Package with Tie Strap

Click image to enlarge...


Replacement Clutch Switch

Rostra 250-3372 Replacement Clutch Switch

Click image to enlarge...


Speed Signal Generator

Rostra 250-4160 Speed Signal Generator

Click image to enlarge...


Speed Signal Generator

Rostra 250-4165 Speed Signal Generator

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T-Bar Adaptor

Rostra 250-4184 T-Bar Adaptor

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Clutch Disengagement Switch

Rostra 250-4160 Universal Clutch Disengagement Switch

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VSS Divider (Divide By 2)

Rostra 250-4369 VSS Divider (Divide By 2)

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VSS Divider (Divide By 4)

Rostra 250-4379 VSS Divider (Divide By 4)

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Relay Package

Rostra 250-4382 Relay Package

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Motorcycle, ATV, Recreational and Foreign Vehicle Notes

We do not recommend using any Rostra cruise control systems on motorcycle, ATV, or other non-automotive applications as we do not validate the operation of these units on these vehicles. Due to safety concerns surrounding these installations, Rostra representatives are unable to provide technical support on these applications.

Download a copy of Rostra's 3 Year/36,000 Mile warranty registration card by clicking here.

Rostra cruise control systems are only validated on vehicles available in the United States and Canada.

For the best in driving experience, choose a cruise control from Rostra Precision Controls, the leader in cruise control technology.