Rostra Troubleshooting Tips: 250-9004 Cruise Control Switch Kit

  1. Check both the green and red wires for 12-volts power when the ignition is in the On position
  2. Check the black wire with a meter for ground resistance no higher than than 3 ohms with the motor running.
  3. Check the white wire connection from the cruise harness to the gray wire (position 8 on 40-pin vehicle connector). Leave the unit connected, but measure voltage between the white cruise wire and ground With the ignition On. Voltages should be:
  4. Off: 0-volts.

    On: 0.37-volts to 0.77-volts.

    On with Set pressed: 2.3-volts to 3.7-volts.

    On with Resume pressed: 1.1-volts to 1.9-volts.

    If the voltage measurements are too high regardless of the buttons being pressed, the connection to the ECM needs to be confirmed (white cruise wire).

    If the voltage measurements are too low regardless of the buttons being pressed, verify the green cruise wire to ignition power.

  5. If all connections are correct, replace the cruise control kit.

Revised 06/02/2008

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