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Rostra Troubleshooting Tips: 250-1779 Cruise Control Switch Kit

  1. Check the blue wire for 12-volts ignition power.
  2. Check the black wire with a meter for ground resistance no higher than than 3 ohms with the motor running.
  3. Check the engine code under the hood on the passenger side of the vehicle. For vehicles equipped with 1GRFE engines, connect the gray wire to position number 2, the second from the bottom connector on the computer. For vehicles equipped with 2TRFE engines, connect the gray wire to position 31, the same connector on the computer.
  4. If no wires is present in 2 or 31, you must insert the pin included in the kit.
  5. With the vehicle's key in the On position, press Set on the transmitter to turn the system on. Verify that the following voltages on the gray wire conencted to the computer are within 1-volt of the following as the buttons are pressed and held:
  6. Set: 6-volts

    Resume: 3-volts

  7. When no buttons are being pressed, voltage on the gray wires should read between 12 and 14-volts, or the same voltage as the vehicle's battery.
  8. If there is any voltage not shown, replace the cruise control kit.
  9. Make sure that if the vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission that you are using a clutch switch, part number 250-2663.

Revised 06/02/2008

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