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1999-2007 Ford F150/250/350 Tech Tip

Installer Note: The steps outlined below were developed using Rostra's 250-1223 Global Cruise cruise control system.

  1. Make cable bracket out of "L" shape cable bracket in kit. (Figure 2)
  2. Inside the vehicle at the gas pedal, measure 2-inches above the top of the gas pedal. Mark this position. Push he gas pedal to the firewall. Cut out insulation. Mark the firewall to the left of the gas pedal at the 2-inch mark on the gas pedal. Drill a 3/8-inch hole in the firewall. Note: make sure of clearance before you drill the 3/8" hole.
  3. Bring the cruise cable through the firewall at the 3/8inch hole. Refer to installation manual page 15, Figures 20 and 21. Form threads on end of the cruise cable. After the threads have been formed, screw the flag nut onto the threads with 1/4-inch of cable past end of the flag nut.
  4. Put the eyelet connector and connector cover on the end of the cruise cable. Mount the flag nut to the cable bracket with round head screw and lockwasher nut (Figure 1). Inside the vehicle at the gas pedal, mount the cable bracket to the firewall with 2 self-tapping screws. (Figure 1)
  5. Extend the cruise cable to the gas pedal and mark the location on the gas pedal. 1/8-inch slack is needed. Drill a 5/16-inch hole through the gas pedal. Note: You will need a screw 3/4-inch long with nut. This will be used to make a stud on the gas pedal to put the eyelet connector on to pull the pedal.
  6. Put the eyelet adapter on the stud. Use 2 lockwasher nuts 1/4-20 with the washers facing eachother. Tigthen the nuts together so they stay in place. (Figure 1). Note: make sure the cruise cable retracts into cable housing when the gas pedal is pushed toward the firewall.

VSS: Gray Black 8000 PPM. At radio harness- unsnap trim around radio. Hot Brake Green/Red. Cold Brake Green.


Figure 1
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