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1999-2005 Ford Freestar and Windstar Tech Tip

The 1999-2003 Windstar and 2004-2005 Freestar have a high VSS pulse signal. It will be necessary to use our Global Cruise 250-1223 or 250-1316.

VSS - (1999)- Blue/Yellow 18,000 PPM

VSS - (2000 - 2004) - Blue/Yellow 28,960 PPM- Look for a 2-pin connector on top side of Transmission. It will have a Gray/Red and a Blue/Yellow. This 2 pin connector will be behind the shift lever and air intake on top of the transmission.

Tach - If manual transmission use clutch switch 250-4206.

Brake Switch - The brake switch activates a Rear Electronic Module, and the module controls the brakes. It is necessary to use a relay to achieve the ground normally provided by the brake lights. Any automotive relay will work, the Rostra part number is TR1.

Figure 1 shows how to wire the relay.


Figure 1
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