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Repair and Replacement Items for Backup Camera Systems

The service items below are for use with multiple products from Rostra including automotive backup cameras, sideview blindspot cameras, and forward-view cameras. If you have a question about which component is designed for use with you vehicles, please contact us and we will be glad to assist.

RearSight Automotive Backup Camera Accessories by Rostra


Wireless Antenna

Rostra 250-2934 wireless antenna for use with 250-8153 wireless camera

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Stem Mount Hardware Kit

Rostra 250-8088 Stem Mount Hardware Kit

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Replacement Dashboard Stand

Rostra 250-8132 replacement monitor stand with adhesive mounting tape

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Microphone Relocation Kit

Rostra 250-8151 mirror microphone relocation kit

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Replacement Dashboard Stand

Rostra 250-8212-STAND replacement dashboard stand for Rostra monitors

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Harness for 250-8220 Monitor

Rostra 250-8220 and 250-8221 monitor power, ground, trigger, and video input harness

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6' Video Extension Harness

Rostra 250-8611 2-meter 4-pin camera/monitor extension harness

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4-pin Monitor Video Input

Rostra 250-8613 4-pin monitor video input for 5-inch and 7-inch monitors 250-8211, 250-8212, 250-8213 and 250-8214

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66' Video Extension Harness

Rostra 250-8615 20-meter 4-pin camera/monitor extension harness

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16' Video Extension Harness

Rostra 250-8617 5-meter 4-pin camera/monitor extension harness

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4-Pin HD Video Splitter

Rostra 250-8638 4-Pin HD Video Splitter Harness

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33' Video Extension Harness

Rostra 250-8921 10-meter 4-pin video extension harness

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4-pin Camera Video Output

Rostra 250-8929 4-pin video output adapter and DC input

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