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Password Reset Instructions for Rostra 250-8950 DVR System

If you need to rest the password for your 250-8950 DVR system from Rostra, the instructions below can help. Note that it will be helpful to use a spare microSD card for the process.

To begin, you will need a newly formatted microSD card. To fully format a card, Rostra recommends using the SD card formatting tool from the SD Association, available for Windows and Mac personal computers, by clicking here.

Next, click here to download the original device firmware for the 250-8950 DVR system.

  1. Copy the device firmware file downloaded from the link above to the formatted microSD card.
  2. Confirm that the DVR system is powered OFF. This may require you to disconnect the vehicle's battery.
  3. Remove the original card from the 250-8950 DVR and insert the card with the firmware file.
  4. Reconnect the vehicle's battery if previously disconnected and power on the vehicle's ignition to power on the 250-8950 DVR. The firmware file will load automatically and the DVR system will announce when the update is complete.
  5. Power OFF the vehicle's ignition.
  6. Remove the microSD card and re-insert the original microSD card.
  7. Power on the vehicle's ignition to power on the 250-8950 DVR.
  8. Using the mobile app, reconnect to the DVR by selecting its WiFi signal using the new default password 012345678.

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