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Rearview Mirror with Built-In 7.2" LCD Monitor and Multiple Video Inputs

At Rostra, we are proud to introduce another innovative video mirror/monitor. Featuring a versatile, high-resolution 7.2” LCD screen, part number 250-8274 is the perfect compliment to our around-vehicle camera product line providing drivers with a variety of options for automatically or manually displaying real-time video from the blindspots of their car, truck or SUV.

Product Features

Available for immediate purchase, part number 250-8274 includes these exciting features:

Complete LCD Rearview Mirror System

Side-View/Blindspot Video Display

Blindspot monitors can be triggered to display video on the screen of the 250-8274 automatically when the turn signal has been activated

While the rear-facing video input of the 250-8274 mirror/monitor provides drivers with peace-of-mind when maneuvering their vehicle in reverse, the mirror includes options for both Left and Right video displays which can be triggered automatically by the vehicle’s turn signal switch or activated manually as-needed using the included surface-mount push-button switch. With Rostra’s 250-8274, no external relays are required to activate these inputs.

Parking Grid Lines and Remote Control

The 250-8274 mirror features on-screen parking assistance grid lines to aid drivers when maneuvering the vehicle in reverse by helping to provide an estimated distance to any objects in view of the backup camera using color-coded zones.

The on-screen menu built into the 250-8274 mirror allows installers and vehicle owners to make vehicle-specific adjustments including turning parking assistance grid lines On or Off as well as aligning the grid lines on-screen for increased parking accuracy.

  1. Video Channel: Switch between available camera views.
  2. Function Button: Selection Left/Down
  3. Menu Access (Grid Line Adjustment)
  4. Function Button: Selection Right/Up
  5. Menu Select

Auto-Dimming LCD Screen

The mirror’s built-in photo sensor automatically dims the LCD screen in low light conditions to ease strain on the driver’s eyes while increasing illumination of the LCD during the day to make the screen easier to see in daylight.

How to Power Your Backup Camera System

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For the best in driving experience, choose a backup and blindspot camera system from Rostra, the leader in in-vehicle video technology technology.

Please note, RearSight camera systems are only sold through authorized distributors. Please contact Rostra to locate a distributor in your area for your rearview mirror with built-in screen and camera.

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