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We've all been there - that unmistakable click, click, click of your vehicle's engine trying to start with a dead battery. It doesn't matter if it happens during the day or at night - a dead battery creates an emergency situation for you or an employee driving one the vehicles in your fleet. Say "never again" with the VOXX Power Systems 250-9900

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The power you need when you need it the most

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Let's Be Honest

The 250-9900 eliminates all of that.

The VOXX Power Systems (VPS) 250-9900 is a self-contained Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) 12 volt battery-boosting system for use on trucks with either gasoline or diesel engines (Gasoline up to 8.0L / Diesel up to 6.0L). The device is wired directly to your vehicle's battery so that it's always charging while the vehicle is running - ready at a moment's notice to provide the jump-start you need to get you back on the road with no waiting.

Image of VOXX Power Systems 250-9900 with blinking battery charging lights

The Smartest Way to Jump-Start A Truck

The 250-9900 provides two unique ways of quickly providing the boost your truck's battery needs to start.

  1. Your employee can use the VOXX Power Systems app, available for Android and iOS platforms, on their personal or company-issued mobile phone to connect to the device via Bluetooth® an initiate a battery pre-charge right from the driver's seat.
  2. In the event that the employee's phone battery has died, or the phone is not present, the manual switch on the device can be activated with just a press of a button.
Image of VOXX Power Systems 250-9900 showing mobild phone or built-in button being used to power on jump-starting system

Built to Last

The 250-9900 is designed to perform in the harshest environments. Its thermal resistance capability means it's ready-to-go even after being in a hot car during the summer, and the built-in heater keeps it prepped in the frigid wintertime with real-time status alerts sent directly to your phone when in range.

Image of VOXX Power Systems 250-9900 detailing resistance to hot and cold temperatures

At Home in a Truck or a Trunk

Whether being used in a fleet truck, utility van, emergency vehicle, or your family's sedan, the 250-9900 fits neatly out of the way in an unused space waiting to be called to action upon finding that your vehicle's battery power has expired.

Image of emergency vehicle with VPS 250-9900 installed behind the driver

Key System Features

Just the Facts

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