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2014-2020 RAM ProMaster Backup Camera System

We're pleased to announce the availability of a backup camera system for the 2014-2020 RAM ProMaster utility vans. Rostra's part number 250-8209-W offers drivers of these vans the perfect accessory for clearly visualizing what is behind the vehicle when maneuvering in reverse. Our part number 250-8209-W includes a 4.3" LCD-equipped rear view mirror/monitor with dual video inputs and an anti-glare coated mirror glass, a wedge-shaped CMOS color camera with selectable parking grid lines that mounts on the rear door, and a 30-foot extension harness with all necessary electrical connectors for a complete installation. The camera automatically transmits an image of the area behind the vehicle to the LCD monitor built into the rear view mirror to provide the driver with a clear picture of what is directly behind the vehicle through a low minimum Lux rear view camera. This system is uniquely useful for this particular utility van as many of them are ordered from dealerships without rear or side windows which creates multiple blind spots for drivers to overcome - especially in tight locations.

Rostra's RearSight® backup camera systems are assembled in the U.S.A. by the company that pioneered the development of rear view camera technology.

Product Features

Designed specifically for Dodge vehicles with a tri-lobe mirror stem windshield mount, a Rostra backup camera system offers a great deal of functionality to all drivers with their built-in features such as:

Complete ProMaster Backup Camera System (Part Number 250-8209-W)

2014 RAM ProMaster Camera System by Rostra

250-8209-W Backup Camera Installation Video

Installed Camera Photos

2014 RAM ProMaster Backup Camera Installed

Installed Mirror Photos

2014 RAM ProMaster Rear View LCD Mirror Installed

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250-8950MD (2-Channel DashCam System)

This image shows three components from the 250-8950MD dashcam system by Rostra including the main contol module as well as the front and rear-facing cameras

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250-8901A (4-Channel Digital Video Recorder)

This image shows Rostra's 250-8901A DVR system's main control module. The module is sitting atop the locking cradle included with the system to provide tamper-proof security.

Click image to enlarge...

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Please note, backup camera systems are only sold through authorized distributors. Please contact Rostra to locate a distributor in your area for your 2014 or 2015 RAM ProMaster backup camera.

Download a copy of Rostra's 3 Year/36,000 Mile warranty registration card by clicking here.

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