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Rostra Technical Support Update

Installer Note: Rostra cruise control products purchased through eBay, Amazon, or Walmart are not eligible for technical support. Cruise control products must be purchased through an authorized distributor to receive technical support.

The telephone system at Rostra was recently upgraded in an effort to provide installers and technicians with a more efficient and easier-to-access support offering.

Going forward, before being connected to a technical support representative, installers will first be required to visit the “Support” section of our website. There, an installer will find a registration form that will be used to secure a Technician Identification Number (or TIN, for short). A Technician Identification Number will be used to make the support call-in process more efficient by allowing us to log information related to your specific concerns that will help us improve both the support we provide over the telephone, and the ways in which we can disseminate that information online and make it easier for others to find.

Within seconds of an installer submitting their Technician Identification Number registration form, they will receive an email with their TIN included. Registered installers will need to keep this number close at hand as they will be required to provide it to the Rostra technical support representative at the beginning of each phone call. Without this number, no technical support will be given for any of Rostra's products. Please note that the information provided as part of the sign-up process is stored securely and will never be shared with an outside party.

During a call, if the vehicle in question is not immediately available, the installer does not have the product on-hand that requires support, or they do not have access a multi-meter for making checks of the vehicle’s electrical system, Rostra representatives will not be able to provide assistance. Technicians will be asked to call back when they have access to the vehicle, the product, and the instrumentation required to resolve the issue.

Note: Items that are either outside of their warranty period, or that have reached end-of-life (EOL) status will no longer be supported.

Thank you for your participation in this process and we look forward to serving you in the future. To register in advance for a Technician Identification Number, please visit our Support page, or complete the form below:

Technician Identification Number (TIN) Registration

To connect with the Technical Support department at Rostra, you must first register for a Technician Identification Number. To do so, the form below must be filled out in its entirety. Once complete, your assigned Technician Identification Number will be emailed directly to you.

Please note that warranty claims are issued through your original place of purchase and not directly from Rostra. Rostra technical support representatives do not assign Return/Exchange Merchandise Authorization numbers for products and you are urged to contact your original place of purchase with any warranty-related questions.

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