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Product Announcements, Troubleshooting, and Technical Tips

2014 Kia Soul Cruise Control

Wiring 2014 Kia Soul with cruise control 250-1859

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RearSight® Camera Angles

Rostra RearSight camera angle adjustments

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Honda Bluetooth® Applications

Technical Bulletin: Honda Con-verse Handsfree Bluetooth Systems by Rostra

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Global Cruise Troubleshooting

Rostra 250-1223 Global Cruise Troubleshooting

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iPhone Muting with Con-Verse

Con-Verse Bluetooth System by Rostra iPhone Troubleshooting

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Technical Tips

Cruise Control Notes

We do not recommend using any Rostra cruise control systems on motorcycle, ATV, or other non-automotive applications as we do not validate the operation of these units on these vehicles. Due to safety concerns surrounding these installations, Rostra representatives are unable to provide technical support on these applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for acquiring cruise installation information?

Located below this FAQ section, you will find installation manuals for each product Rostra Precision Controls, Inc. manufacturers including aftermarket cruise controls, Magna/RearSight® backup camera systems, BackZone Plus ultrasonic parking assist systems, ComfortHeat seat heaters, and ComfortSeat automotive lumbar support.

To acquire both vehicle speed signal (VSS), brake wire, and tachometer wiring colors and locations, please use our VSS Search above. If you do not see your vehicle listed, please download Rostra forms Form #4428 (for vehicles built between 1996 and 2009) or Form #4429 (for vehicles built between 1986 and 1995).

Does a Rostra cruise control kit come with everything I need for an installation?

The majority of Rostra-manufactured cruise controls systems are sold as complete kits. As well, Rostra manufactures universal cruise control units that often require the purchase of additional items to function with certain vehicles including vehicle speed signal (VSS) generators and control switches. To get a listing of exactly what parts will be necessary for your vehicle, please use the Vehicle Search menu at the top of the page or download our Cruise Control Quick Reference Guide. If you have questions about a customized cruise kit or other vehicle applications, feel free to call our Customer Service department at (800) 782-3379.

Where is the LED on a Rostra Global Cruise unit?

The LED is a surface-mount light on the circuit board to the left of switch number ONE of the programming switches.

Where are the programming switches on a Rostra Global Cruise unit?

The programming switches are located under the black rubber grommet on top of the cruise module. (See images below)

What is Gain (sensitivity)?

Gain is how the cruise control reacts to both road conditions and engine size. Always start at the factory setting which is Mid-Gain. If the vehicle surges while the cruise is engaged, you will need to adjust the gain setting. A fast surge, when the vehicle speeds up rapdily above the cruising speed, requires the gain to be lowered. Set the gain to Low or Extra-Low if needed. A slow surge, where the vehicle slows well below the cruising speed, requires the gain to be raised to High.

What is Engine/Setup Timer?

Engine/Setup Timer is how fast the cruise control retracts the cable once the cruise is set. Always start at Low. If the vehicle drops below the set cruising speed but then recovers, set to Medium. Set to High or Extra-High if still not acceptable.

Will a steering wheel-mounted switch work on my vehicle?

RF steering wheel-mounted switches can be installed on several vehicles, but are not recommended for every vehicle. To find out if your vehicle has an RF switch available, check out our application guide.

What if my vehicle is not listed?

Have no fear! Just because your vehicle is not listed in our application guide doesn't necessarily mean we don't offer a cruise control kit for it. Call our customer service department at (800) 782-3379 for specific application questions.

LED Tail Lights Note

The use of LED tail lights requires a five-function automotive relay to bypass the brake system. LED tail lights do not let the violet wire (cold side of the brake switch) see ground through the brake lights, themselves. Wiring in a relay is as follows:

Click here to download a PDF version of this relay wiring diagram.


All settings are based on 1/8-inch slack in cruise control cable. More slack will cause the cruise control to surge or lose speed once set.

Product Installation Manuals

Aftermarket Electronic Cruise Control Systems

Out of Production Cruise Control Systems (No Longer Supported)

The below manuals are available for download for aftermarket cruise control systems that are no longer in production from Rostra Precision Controls. Rostra no longer provides technical support for these model cruise control units.

BackZone PLUS, FrontZone, and Park-Pro HD Ultrasonic Parking Assistance Systems

Con-Verse Bluetooth® Hands-free by Rostra

Instructions for using Siri on the iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C/6/6 Plus with Con-Verse Systems by available here.

Click here for voice command instructions for the iPhone 4/3GS with a Con-Verse Bluetooth® System.

DashCam Dashboard/Windshield Video Recording Systems

ComfortHeat/ComfortSeat Automotive Seat Heaters and Lumbar Supports

Lumbar Support Systems

Seat Heating Systems

DRL LED Daytime Running Light Systems

Universal DRL Systems

Vehicle-Specific DRL Systems

RearSight® LCD Interface Backup Camera Systems

SoftTouch™ Add-On Navigation Systems

Select navigation system below to begin firmware download:

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