Using Your Android-based Phone With Con-Verse Bluetooth by Rostra®

The purpose of this tech-tip is to force Android 2.2 phones to use the voice-dialing system when the Con-Verse Bluetooth "action" key is pressed. Currently, Android phones will try to utilize action key presses as commands to the streaming audio system and the voice-dialing system. These instructions will disable the streaming audio functionality for the Con-Verse BT3 systems.

Step 1

Press the "Menu" button. Figure 1

Figure 1

Step 2

Press "Settings" Figure 2

Figure 2

Step 3

Press "Wireless & Networks". Figure 3

Figure 3

Step 4

Press "Bluetooth Settings". Figure 4

Figure 4

Step 5

Long press the BT3 bluetooth entry. This will ususally be called "CarBT-1234". Figure 5

Figure 5

Step 6

A context menu will appear after the long-press operation. Press "Options...". Figure 6

Figure 6

Step 7

Press (uncheck) the "Media" option. Figure 7

Figure 7

Step 8

After the "media" option is unchecked, press the home button. Figure 8

Figure 8

The phone will now be forced to treat Con-Verse action key presses as commands to the Voice-dialing system. To re-enable media streaming, follow the instructions again, checking "media" in step 7.

These instructions will not interfere with the operation of other Bluetooth devices.

Portions of this page are reproduced from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

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